The Codger has spent the past 6 months going to school.  During this time, I have not been able to work and needed to find a way to make money.  I searched for ideas on how to make money with my iPhone and came across a few apps that allow me to use my iPhone to make money.  In 2012, I paid for my iPhone 8 times over using Field Agent, Gigwalk, Easy Shift, iPoll, and On Go surveys.  For this issue, I will write about Field Agent since I made most of my money using this app.

Field Agent allows me to audit store displays. All I did was select jobs listed in my area, drove to the store to check displays, shoot a picture or two, and submitted the work.   I made over $1,400 dollars with this app alone in 2012 and likely could have made even more.  Once the jobs are approved I send the money to my Paypal account and then on to my checking account. I have used Field Agent to offset costs of gas on trips by picking up jobs on my way to Indiana, Kentucky or Northern Wisconsin.  I earned over $70.00 on a trip to Indiana just before Christmas.  I mostly use Field Agent for jobs around my home though.

Like any opportunity, there can be “challenges” involved.  For example, Field Agent can be discerning on the quality of work.  I had a small handful of jobs disapproved in the beginning because I did not follow the instructions appropriately.  I also made a mistake on the order that the pictures should have been taken on a couple of jobs.  I have no problem with their standards for completing tasks.  Other challenges involve available bandwidth.  As I move away from a metropolitan area, connectivity can be an issue, making it difficult to complete jobs.  I usually try to complete the task at the store and drive to a business that has WiFi capability to send off my work.

If you wish to learn more about Field Agent, please click on the link below that will direct you to the iphone appstorm web site.


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